Moving or relocating WP site install

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There are plenty of ways to accomplish the following. Some are more complex and in-turn simple than others. For the non-technical, front-end WordPress developer this is a fool proof way to accomplish moving or relocating WP site install. It doesn’t require a bunch of scripts or scraping or anything like that. It’s the super basic […]

bootstrap carousel disable auto cycle

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I’ve been using the built in carousel that comes packaged with Twitter Bootsrap for a recent project build. The client has requested that we . Not a big deal but I haven’t worked with all the interval settings and plugin parameters so I had to do a little digging after my initial thought of {interval: […]

What companies look for in a social media expert

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I had a friend ask me a few questions recently about what I thought companies would be looking for when hiring a social media expert. He’s a freelance web guy here in Temecula and is considering applying for a position with one of the local car dealerships for a social media position. Our conversation was […]

how to use hashtags

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I’ll try to keep this post #short. and to preface, this post relates to how to use hashtags for personal use. if you’re a brand or a marketing person looking for info on how to use hashtags for marketing, contact me for more information. I’d be glad to talk to you about how hashtags can […]

my first crossfit competition…

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my first crossfit competition…

…kicked my ass. my wife and I started working out a rad crossfit box about 4 months ago. one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. we’re both totally addicted. my work demands me to be up late nights banging away on the keyboard. designing. developing. thinking. doing. our work never ends. […]

It’s “the holidays” and I Feel Lucky

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it’s “the holidays” right now. 6 days till Christmas to be exact and I’m feeling lucky. there are so many ways this post could go. less than a week ago almost 30 people, most of which were under 10 years old, lost their lives. mothers and fathers lost their children. their world. so young and […]

Are green beans a paleo safe food?

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Are green beans a paleo safe food?

I’ve been eating fairly strict paleo for the last ~40 days or so (I’m no expert) and I eat a lot of veggies. I tend to stick to green beans and/or broccoli for lunch with a bunch of meat or fish. Today, while I was eating, one of the chicks I work with questioned wether […]

Hello world!

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I’m in the process of giving my website a facelift. Testing a few things, designing, developing a couple tricks to make it more fun for you to visit. The dust will be settling for a bit, so please be patient. It’s likely that I’m busy working on a project for you or one of my […]