my first crossfit competition…

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my first crossfit competition…

…kicked my ass. my wife and I started working out a rad crossfit box about 4 months ago. one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time. we’re both totally addicted. my work demands me to be up late nights banging away on the keyboard. designing. developing. thinking. doing. our work never ends. I love it but sometime it gets monotonous being at the grind behind the pixels all day and night. crossfit has given my blood a boil again. I trained at a boxing gym for a short while a long while ago. I remember the first time I got my bell rung in there. I felt alive and I loved it. crossfit makes me feel the same way. I look forward to getting up 5 days a week at the butt crack to get into the box and give everything I’ve got for an hour before the hectic day starts for me. it gives me a focus during the day that I had somehow completely lost over the years. it makes me feel alive and I love it. sappy as that might sound.

so when our trainer mentioned that a crossfit competition was approaching a few months ago I was eager to ask if I was ready for it. kinda didn’t think so and there are some very basic movements and skills that I am just not good at yet. he checked with the organizer and gave me the green light to start training for the event as well as my wife. stoked. we had no clue what we were in for. we trained our asses off for a few months. ate super clean and stayed focused in the gym to prepare for the comp. we were getting more psyched for the event as each day went by and gaining strength and speed in the gym as well.

work got crazy about 2 weeks before the crossfit competition date and I had to make a last minute, week long trip to vegas for the CES show to provide some support for a social campaign we did for one of our clients. this happened 1 week prior to the comp. uh… not the best timing. I was prepped to get some workouts in out there, keep my diet clean, blah blah blah. all was out the window the second I saw the belagio fountain show from my hotel room window and the lights started twinkling in my eyes. what are you gonna do? it’s vegas. we worked our asses off and yes, we partied a bit too.

so I basically had 1 week to get back on track for the competition and was instructed to take 2 active rest days prior to the actual event, which I did. Linds and I went into the event with everything we had. we were excited, anxious and nervous as shit at the same time. our box showed up strong with about 20 competitors and roughly 50 people there to support. such a rad feeling of community. we had three WODs to complete. 1 sprint style: 21/15/9 of push-ups, box-jumps, kettle bell swings and 40 meter shuttle runs. 1 skill test floater: 5 minute AMRAP jump rope ladder plus max-effort pull-ups. 1 strength trainer: “DT” 12/9/6 of dead-lifts, hang cleans and overhead press. roughly 2 hours between heats.

my main focus of the crossfit competition was to have fun. I tried my hardest to focus not on how I did compared to the other competitors, but more to focus on how I did compared to myself 1 year ago. in that respect, I did amazing. my mental strategy for the first and especially third WOD was to pace myself but also basically blackout as quick as I could so I didn’t feel the fatigue or pain throughout workout. I would save any feeling for after the competition and just focus on keeping my pace consistent and smooth. as we arrived to the event and met up with our team, our nerves were pumping full throttle. anxiety was a an all time high for both of us. this adrenaline rush mixed with anxiety turn the workouts into completely different beasts. by the time we were getting to our heats we were almost out of breath in anticipation for the WOD. every time. trying to shake the nerves out of our arms and legs and stay focused till go time. it was such an awesome reminder of what it feels like to compete. to put yourself in front of people and test yourself. it made me feel alive and I loved it.

the WODs were no joke. Linds and I both ran through each of them quite a few times before the comp. practiced the movements, timing, pace, rhythm. we both felt comfortable going into the event. like I said, though, add in the anxiety and adrenaline and each workout felt completely different than I expected it to. in a good way. Linds really killed it in her division. she placed 8th out of roughly 30 competitors and even though she was super nervous going into each heat, she kept her composure and seemed like she’d been competing for years. she has a way with doing that with almost everything she does. I held my own in my division but didn’t place well due to a super poor performance on the jump rope. I couldn’t seem to get it together in that portion of the competition but felt like I did well in all the other events.

overall we felt like represented our box well. more importantly, though, we represented ourselves well. like boxing, crossfit is 1 man show. stepping into a boxing ring to spar is an awesome feeling because though you’ve trained with coaches and peers and prepared yourself with other people, when you step into the ring it’s just you. doing your best to keep your composure and form. stepping out into those workout lanes felt the same way. focused and relying solely on yourself. pushing yourself to your absolute limit and then pushing some more. it was an amazing day spent with a great community of people. it might be a little while until we decide to compete again, but I’m fairly certain we both will. until then we’ll be in the box training, sweating, laughing and learning.

special thanks to all our BBCF fam and our friends and family that made it out to the comp to support us. felt so good seeing you all there and sharing the experience.