I’m not good at a fair amount of things. Never been able to cook a good pan of hash browns for instance. I’m seriously no good at it. I am good with marketing though. I tend to focus on web related stuff and I totally nerd out on mobile design and development. Check out this list of things I don’t suck at.

Interactive Consultation

Over the years I’ve learned to keep a level head when chaos strikes and to make good decisions when the going gets tough.

Interactive Strategy

The dots are right in front of us, connecting them is the tricky part. Connecting the dots in a way that makes sense to the end user and your business is one of my strong points.

Digital Marketing

Concepting and Strategy has come to be my strong suit. I thrive on figuring out brands and their consumers and paving a clear path between the two.

UI / UX Design

The web is an ever-changing and highly distracting space. Converting your users into loyal customers requires a well thought plan and clear line of execution.

Interactive Design

I started my adventure in graphic design in 1996. While graphic design is not my only focus, it is a passion and the foundation for everything I do.

Front End Development

I’ve been writing front-end code for quite the better part of a decade. I focus on clean, organized and functional CSS wrapped in unobtrusive markup.